Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Are you Domhnall Gleeson?

As I said before…Nop! I am NOT Domhnall Gleeson. That would be extremely narcissistic. 

I do think he’s really really handsome and all kinds of adorable and talented, and  oh well yes, I think he’s B-E-A-UTIFUL :) But I’m not him, sorry! I’m just a common Domhnall lover.

2.- Are you Domhnall Glesson’s girlfriend?



but I wish I was. And I would love him with all my heart. 

3.- Do you know Domhnall Gleeson?

Of course! We’re Best Friends Forever and all!

I don’t want to be rude…but do you honestly think that if I knew him I would be here posting pics of him??! I would be right there beside him drooling like a waterfall!!

Siriusly people.

In the other hand, if you’re Domhnall and you’re just asking because you think this is weird… I wouldn’t drool!! Not really! (at least not in front of you LOL)

4.- How do you pronounce Domhnall’s first name?

After a thoroughly research, I think the proper pronunciation would be “Doh-nal”

But we should ask him or Brendan lol

5.- Do you know who Domhnall is dating?

Yes, me.
I’m sorry, I don’t have idea.
And I’m not even sure I want to know, lol

6.- Is Domhnall Gleeson a virgin?

Of course! he’s saving himself for me lol
I don’t know, sorry! Next time I see him, I’ll ask him.

7.- Do you have a personal blog?


Any personal question, goes there.

8.- Do you get paid for running this blog?


at least not with money, Domhnall pays me with sex.


9.- Can I submit something?

OF COURSE! Here’s the link.

10.- Can I ask anything?

Of course! But if it has been already answered here, I will ignore you like you were a leaf blowing in the wind. Besides, nothing too personal.

11.- Do you want to contact me privately?

Send me an email at

12.- Are you the only one running this blog?

Nope! As of lately my friends and fellow Domhniphiles Jenni and Natasha are helping me out.

13.- Do you want to contact Domhnall Gleeson?

Contat him at:

The Agenc
9 Upper Fitzwilliam Street
Dublin 2

Tel. +353 1- 661 8535

Fax +353 1- 676 6615


Irish, English