Domhnall in “Dredd”
OMG!!! He looks really exhausted and fatigued!!!!

Domhnall in “Dredd”

OMG!!! He looks really exhausted and fatigued!!!!

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Here is an interview with Domhnall Gleeson as he adds more details about his role in the film. We knew from earlier interviews with him that he’ll be playing a technology geek, who is supposed to cause the viewer to question if he is a good guy or a bad guy. 

If we can talk about Dredd for a minute – you shot earlier this year for a 2012 release. Can you talk about your character in that at all? I couldn’t find much about it at all! 

DG: Yea, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say anything, I think I signed some stuff! I only did two weeks on Dredd – it’s not a huge role but I feel in some way he could represent the troubled heart of that kind of world. This awful society where Dredd’s a figure of hope is really interesting. So I was really proud of working on this. I love Alex Garland [screenwriter on Dredd] as well. So my character is very important actually. Also I’ve got mad makeup and things. 

And do you get to do any action? 

DG: No not action stuff. I got to be dragged around and tortured a little bit basically but that’s about it. I had a ball on it because the cinematographer was Anthony Dod Mantle [28 Days Later, 127 Hours] who is just gifted. 

I understand the film is shot in 3D – what was that process like on set – as an actor and possibly a future filmmaker? 

DG: Yea I think 3D is really integral to how we’re telling this story, it’s actually really important in terms of the nature of the story – I think it will become clear when it comes out. And also because you’ve not just got a guy who know how to use 3D but you’ve got Anthony Dod Mantle in doing it. And the scope of his movies is just amazing, he’s just really interested by light. Having an artist behind the camera is really important. It was kind of wonderful, it was really freeing. And I’ve just been working with Seamus McGarvey [Anna Karenina] and I’ve also worked with Roger Deakins! [True Grit] It’s kind of amazing. So that’s been really, really exciting working with all those guys. 

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